Hope Everyone Had a Good Christmas

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was definitely a good one. It was nice to be able to spend the day with my family. For a first Christmas (well, Married Christmas) with Lauren, I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.

Ohhhh, the Holidays

Every year, it seems the holidays come up on me faster and faster. It really feels like it was just Halloween yesterday. Maybe it’s because I was so occupied with planning my wedding this year, but it really seems like the whole year has just flown by. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve just been so busy this December. With everything going on, this is the first year that Lauren and I ended up getting a fake tree. I’ve always been far more preferential to real trees because I love their look, and their smell. The fun is also going out and finding the tree and cutting it down. The weather never really cooperated for us going to cut one down, and we realized that we just didn’t have the room. On the plus side, there’s less of a worry that our cat Cookie will eat the Christmas tree and get sick.

Geeking Out

So, almost 2 weeks ago, I got married to the most wonderful woman I know. It was amazing, but this is another story.


One of the biggest things I try to do is keep my desk uncluttered. I find that it helps me stay organized. As an example, here’s my desk at work.

Never Enough Time in the Day

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything I want to done. Part of that is me failing to motivate myself to focus, the other is just me being busy. Take today for example. I meant to spend a good portion of the afternoon working on teaching myself libGDX for the game idea I have. What did I do? Get myself distracted so much I only got through a very little bit of the one tutorial I was going through. That being said, I can proudly say that it wasn’t Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or the Internet that distracted me. It was really just my lack of being able to focus that led to me getting up to go sit out on the couch with Lauren, or just roam around aimlessly. Today was not going to be my day to focus.