Photography has always been something I was interested in, but never really got around to exploring it. Seldom did I ever seem to have my camera on me when I wanted it. Things slowly changed when I got my current point and shoot, a Sony DSC-H55 which has a much slimmer form factor making it easier to stick in my pocket. As I started taking more pictures and spent time with my wife, who happened to have a fancy new Canon 60D DSLR camera, I decided I wanted one as well.

Lauren having the 60D definitely gave me a starting point at where to look for a DSLR camera. In the end I chose the 60D as well since it gave me an amazing camera with room to grow into it. Even still I haven't had the chance to play with all the different features it has, but I'm learning quickly. It also now allows her and I to share lenses as needed, and since lenses are so expensive, it's definitely nice to have the ability.

Not all my shots may be perfect, but I think I'm getting there.