Is the Bill Nye - Ken Ham Debate Worth It?

Tonight, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is going to debate the founder of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham. The debate is going to center around the whole Evolution versus Creationism argument.

But why even really have this debate? I really doubt anyone is really going to have their minds changed by this debate. There are those who believe in evolution, and there are those who believe in creation according to the bible. I feel like those who side with Nye are going to just laugh at Ham’s arguments, and those who side with Ham, are going to pretty much ignore Nye.

As someone who believes in science and follows the evidence, I obviously believe Bill Nye to be on the correct side of the argument and it is HIGHLY unlikely my mind will be changed by Ken Ham. With that said, I feel like Bill Nye’s time and energy would be better spent pushing to improve science education in our schools (keeping creationism out of public school science classes), and just increasing science in the public eye. Maybe if we educate more people about science, scientific theory, and the scientific method, debates like this one won’t have to happen.