Me in a Phillies hat and shirt drinking a beer

Hi! I'm Keith Wagner, a software developer in the Philadelphia area. I have a wide variety of interests and will often write about them here.

November 2023 Check-In

I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and that we’re already into December. November was a good month, after a 2 week vacation I had to come back to the real world and back to work, but I still had some good breaks during the month.


On each one of my reading logs, I add a YouTube video for “A Song to Leave You With”. It uses a React component to render the embedded YouTube video. Thanks to Dave Rupert, I’ve been able to improve it.

Reading Log - November 27, 2023 (#52)

I've been wanting to do more with web components, and a lot of this week is tied to that. Also, NASA makes a calculated risk and more new features in C#.

Default Apps

I’ve seen several people posting the default apps they use for various tasks so I figured I’d join in.

The Media and Protecting Democracy

I was listening to a Make Me Smart podcast episode on my walk earlier this week and they were talking about some of the threats currently facing America, not from without, but from within. And something Kai Ryssdal said really struck home to me.
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