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Lunchtime Exercise

One of the things I enjoy about working from home, is the ability to exercise a bit over lunch. On nicer days, I'll take a walk or go for a run.

Reading Log - February 19, 2024 (#64)

This week it's a bit of a preview of .NET 9, KOSA getting dangerously close to passing, Xbox bringing some exclusives to PlayStation and the Switch, and more.

What I Learned: React Strict Mode

This past week I started a new React project at work and was dealing with a weird issue with one of my components. It turns out the issue was caused by Strict Mode on React.

Mozilla Needs to Focus on Firefox

Mozilla just recently announced more layoffs. They're apparently scaling back on, its VPN and other services to focus on bringing trustworthy AI into Firefox. I really wish I knew what Mozilla was thinking.

Finishing a Game and then Sadness...

Ever finish a video game and be sad that it's over? Ever finish a video game and be sad there's no more story?

I Love Seeing More Personal Sites

There’s been one good thing that’s come out of the whole X/Twitter debacle. Personal sites and blogs have seen a renaissance and are coming a bit more to the forefront. I love seeing it.

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