A screenshot of Where Do You Want to Eat 2

Where Do You Want to Eat 2

Several years ago, I built a little website. It was a simple little app that tied into Google's Geolocation API to find a restaurant near you, or by a specified Zip Code for you to eat at. It randomly chose it to help friends or couples choose their next meal.

Google changed their API and started charging for it (which is completely fair, I'm not going to complain.). But because the site had no revenue and since there'd be the chance for a spike of usage upping the API costs, I opted to sunset it. You can still view the GitHub Repository.

This is the spiritual successor. Where Do You Want to Eat 2 is a web app that chooses where you go out to eat. We've all been there with friends and/or family. Trying to find a place to go and no one can decide or agree. This web app allows you to create an account, add restaurants, tag them, and let it choose where to go grab food.

It is built using ASP.NET Core MVC. It uses Bootstrap for the UI.

A screenshot of Where Do You Want to Eat?

Where Do You Want to Eat

Ever have the back and forth with someone trying to figure out where you want to get food? Yeah, thought so.

This random restaurant chooser was built using the Google Maps and Places API to get restaurants in the local area and choose one for the user to go to.

Unfortunately, Google changed their policies for their API and I had to deactivate it. You can view the source on GitHub.

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OpenVoter was a social media CMS written in PHP with a MySQL database backend. For the front-end, it utilized HTML/CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. It allowed users to run their own Digg or Reddit-like site. It was discontinued in 2012.