My name is Keith, I’m a 33 year old web developer living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Drexel University in 2007 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and have since spent my career working on both front-end and back-end development. I am fortunate to have found a career where I can do what I love doing. Seeing websites and applications come to life is such an awesome thing, even more so when you’re the one building them.

I have a wide variety of interests which always keeps me busy. Some of them include: software development, photography, writing, hockey, rock climbing, hiking, camping, running, cycling, cooking, drawing, video games, and more. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with them all, but I manage.

You can also read about what I use and the projects I've worked on.

I also keep my current reading, playing & watching list available.

Software Development

My Dad first introduced me to computer programming when I was in elementary school with BASIC. Ever since it’s been an interest of mine and it made my decision for my college major a no-brainer. I’ve done some development in many different languages including C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Objective-C, and Web Technologies (Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.). Most recently, I've started teaching myself Node.js and React. I do most of my professional development at work in .NET and Javascript.

One of my prouder accomplishments was my open source CMS OpenVoter. This was written in PHP and provided a content management system for users to run their own Digg or Reddit. Development is on hold at the moment while I focus on other projects, but if you feel like playing around with it, I'm hoping to put it up on GitHub at some point!


Photography has always been something I was interested in, but never really got around to exploring it. Seldom did I ever seem to have my camera on me when I wanted it. Things slowly changed when I got my current point and shoot, a Sony DSC-H55 which has a much slimmer form factor making it easier to stick in my pocket. As I started taking more pictures and spent time with my fiancee, who happened to have a fancy new Canon 60D DSLR camera, I decided I wanted one as well.

Lauren having the 60D definitely gave me a starting point at where to look for a DSLR camera. In the end I chose the 60D as well since it gave me an amazing camera with room to grow into it. Even still I haven’t had the chance to play with all the different features it has, but I’m learning quickly. It also now allows her and I to share lenses as needed, and since lenses are so expensive, that’s definitely nice to have. I’ll be sharing some of my better shots on the blog, but you can also see more of my shots on Google.


In May 2013, I decided to start playing hockey. So far it’s been the most fun I’ve had playing a sport since I started playing little league back in elementary school. I’m actually starting to really get the hang of it. I've graduated from the local instructional league and currently play in 2 beer leagues. I even captain one of them.