A New Mini-Project is Brewing: Daily Shots

October 3, 2013
2 Minute Read

In November of 2011, after really getting into photography, I decided to finally take the plunge and get myself a DSLR camera. I chose the Canon EOS 60D because I liked what it offered, and my girlfriend (now my fiancee) also had it and recommended it to me. I should add that it also is nice since we'll be able to share lenses. Fast forward to now, I've gotten better with photography, but don't always have the time to go out with my Canon and find those awesome shots. About a week ago, I was thinking about this and have come up with an idea for helping fix this. I'm going to design and build a new website off of this blog where I will post a photo every day. These photos might not necessarily be taken with my Canon, but I figure by training myself to take a photo everyday, I'll find some fun angles or even subjects that I wouldn't have thought to see otherwise.

With my wedding coming up soon, I'm not sure when this will come into fruition, but I've already gotten some wires laid out as to how I want the site to look like. It will really just be a matter of designing it and figuring out the technology behind it. Should be fun!