Geeking Out

So, almost 2 weeks ago, I got married to the most wonderful woman I know. It was amazing, but this is another story.

We went to Aruba for our honeymoon which obviously requires flying. Well on the flight from Atlanta to Aruba, we ended up flying off the east coast of Florida. I had the window seat and was sort of blankly staring out the window staring down at the ground when all of a sudden I happen to notice a long runway. The first thing that came to mind, being the geek I am, is me wondering if that runway is the Space Shuttle landing strip. So, I take a quick look around and what do you know, there are Launch Pads 39A and 39B where the Space Shuttle and Saturn V rockets took off from. Looking further I was even able to see the Vehicle Assembly Building and the other launch pads situated south of 39A & B. I even had a chance to see what I believe was the new crawler and tower for the launch system that NASA is currently working on.

The whole time staring down at the ground I'm completely geeking out. Here is something that I love right beneath me by about 40,000 feet. I've always been interested in NASA and space travel and exploration so to be able to see it from above with my own eyes was amazing. I'll have to go back there again one day.

Lauren definitely understood my reaction, and was happy I was able to see something I love, but those around me probably thought I was nuts. Oh well.