Full Steam Ahead

March 24, 2014
1 Minute Read

A week or so ago I decided that I needed a new programming project to work on. I haven't really had something like this since I closed the book on OpenVoter.

Originally I was planning on building a project tracking tool in .NET but I decided that I wanted to do something a little less “corporate”, at least right now. Instead, I've come up with going back to an older project idea that I abandoned but am now thinking I'll go back to.

I'm not going to go too much into it right now, but I will say it's something that I'm actually excited to build and feel like it's a product that I would use on an everyday basis.

I've already designed the logo and have been working on the wireframes. I'm hoping to get into actual layout over the next week or so.

I'm planning on building it in Ruby on Rails and have mobile apps planned for development as well.

I haven't been this excited about a project for a while and am looking forward to seeing this move forward and becoming a reality.