Another Redesign

May 15, 2018
2 Minute Read

As you can tell, I've decided to give my blog a little bit of a facelift.

The primary reason I decided to do this was that I realized I basically made my posts dependent upon having an image for every blog post, and in some cases, limited how long the opening of my posts could be. If I didn't make it fall within these constraints, the alignment of the boxes would end up being off. It wasn't really a long-term solution that worked. I decided that a redesign was in order.

I'm definitely happy with how this design came out. I had a sidebar a little while back, and decided that I'd go back to a sidebar design. I searched around Dribble and other blogs I follow to see what others have done to try to come up with something for me.

I decided to go with a sticky sidebar. I figured that if it wasn't sticky, you'd have a bunch of dead space on the left of the page once you scrolled down. I didn't like the feel of that so I made the sidebar stick to the side of the page so at least it wasn't blank.

On mobile, the sidebar slims down and becomes the header. I was slightly concerned that too much of the main page would end up cut off from the header. In the end, outside the iPhone SE, enough below the header was visible that I decided that the design would work.

I might end up doing something different for the photography page, but I like the way the design turned out for the blog portion of my site.

I think another, probable less glamorous part of it is that I can never seem to stick with a design. After a while, I just want to dig in and redesign it. I wish I would end up spending more time writing posts rather than re-writing the code behind it.