Reading List: May 7 - May 13

May 13, 2022
2 Minute Read

I've been going through my podcast backlog so this week has a lot of podcasts.

Building Software for Yourself (Podcast) - I build a lot of things that I have no idea if anyone will ever see or use. I find it a great way to learn and improve my chops. (

Welcome to the Era of the Hyper-Surveilled Office - I'm glad I work for an employer who trusts us to get our work done and doesn't feel the need to constantly surveil us. I feel like a good manager will know when one of their reports is working and when they're not. I also take the privilege of working remotely seriously. As I posted earlier, I don't think I would ever want to go into an office again so not abusing the ability to work from home is important to me. (

Will the future of AI repeat past injustices (Podcast)? - Interesting podcast talking about how AI is taking advantage of poorer people in countries like Venezuela. (

I Am Not a Bot (Podcast) - I loved Team Fortress 2 and the bots ruin it. (

The Future of Libraries (Podcast) - I love libraries and it saddens me that publishers are making it hard and expensive to enter and loan digital books. (

All You Need is Nudge (Podcast) - Having just read Nudge, it was nice to hear more thoughts from Dr. Richard Thayler about the background behind it. (

Ordering CSS Declarations - I've always tended to put my CSS declarations in groups based on what they style. This is an interesting take that might make me re-think how I order things. (