April Check-In

May 2, 2023
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April wasn’t a bad month. I was productive and was able to finish the month with a well deserved long weekend vacation.

Reworking My Site

Early on in the month I decided to put Astro on hold and instead focus on cleaning up what I already had for my site with Next.js. I took some of the designing I was doing with Astro and applied it to my current platform. The work was fun and in the end my site is now running the latest version of Next.js (for now) and looks a tad bit better. The downside is that I had to remove my photography section and photo blog temporarily while I find a CDN to store the images.

A Nice Long Weekend

At the end of the month, my wife and I went to Cape May, New Jersey to celebrate her birthday. The weather was gorgeous and we were able to check out the local wineries and just sit out on our hotel’s veranda with a drink and read. It wasn’t a full week, but the long weekend was the perfect way to unwind.

Hey, We’re League Champions!

The latest I-League season at my rink ended this month and my team was able to win the upper bracket championship. We started the season out rough at 0 - 3, but finished with 7 straight wins to capture the trophy. I managed to get a 1 - 0 shutout to seal the win.

The Green Team wins the trophy!

Monthly Round-Up

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