The Stress of the Playoffs

I'm sitting here watching Game 2 of the NLDS between my Philadelphia Phillies versus the Atlanta Braves with the Phillies up 1 game to 0 and am still so anxious.

I'm obviously only a fan of the Phillies, I'm not playing, and I am nervous and anxious as all get out. I'm both happy and excited that the Phillies are making another playoff run. It's not very often I've seen them play well enough to make noise into October.

Even with them playing well, my heart keeps jumping out of my chest and I'm always at the edge of my seat. I feel the same then my hockey teams are playing in the playoffs. At least with that, I'm on the ice, playing and involved. Simply watching is more than enough to keep remind me to breathe.

There's something to be said about enjoying watching games when you have no skin in the game, but I want to be yelling and screaming and cheering, and I wouldn't have it any other way.