November 30, 2023
1 Minute Read

On each one of my reading logs, I add a YouTube video for “A Song to Leave You With”. It uses a React component to render the embedded YouTube video. Thanks to Dave Rupert, I’ve been able to improve it.

The one thing I’ve had to deal with was handling different browser sizes. Suffice it to say, I only rendered the iFrame in 2 different sizes. It worked, but was, how shall we put it, sub-optimal. Recently I added a width selector as part of my custom themes for my site and the width issue on the embedded video reared its ugly head again.

Dave recently posted about FitVids having a web component and all of a sudden the pieces clicked.

Thanks to his <fit-vids> web component, my embedded YouTube videos now fit whatever screen they’re displayed on, at whatever width the user chooses on my site.

Thanks Dave!