A Successful (I Hope) Brew Day

December 3, 2023
1 Minute Read

Yesterday I had my first brew day in almost 2 years. I ended up brewing a Harpoon Winter Warmer clone. My small water pot sitting on my propane stove heating up to steep the grains

My large pot sitting on the propane stove heating up the wort

My large pot boiling the wort with steam coming up out of it

I was able to get all the ingredients the night before and the day thankfully went mostly smoothly. The only hiccup was that I ran out of sparging water and had to quickly heat some more up. Other than that, things went well and hopefully in a month or so I’ll have 2 dozen plus 22 ounce bottles of winter beer.

The big downside of brewing is that it takes a while to know if you screwed up.

One more note, I actually did buy a 6-pack of Harpoon’s Winter Warmer to compare with when all is said and done.