Starting with Test-Driven Development

February 9, 2024
1 Minute Read

I’ve been reading Pragmatic Test-Driven Development in C# and .NET by Adam Tibi and I think it’s tilted me towards giving it a serious college try.

I’ve become a convert to unit testing and integration testing for 3+ years now, but have never gone down the path of writing the tests first. I’ve always written the code and then added the tests to make sure that it works as expected. I’ve tried to make sure the tests fail when expected and hit the critical paths, but have never gotten aboard the Test-Driven Development (TDD) train.

I’m starting up a new rewrite project at work and I think I’m going to go the TDD route building it.

Reading the book, I have a pretty good idea how to go about the TDD route with C# & .NET, but I’m a little fuzzy on how to best go about it on the frontend. The frontend will be written in React and TypeScript. I have some vague ideas and thoughts on it, but will need to dig into it.

If you have any good resources, please send them my way.