I Love Seeing More Personal Sites

February 13, 2024
1 Minute Read

There’s been one good thing that’s come out of the whole X/Twitter debacle. Personal sites and blogs have seen a renaissance and are coming a bit more to the forefront. I love seeing it.

I'm actually sure that a lot of them have been there this whole time. Take mine for example, I've had my site since shortly after graduating college in 2007. I haven’t always posted to it as often as I try to do now. Some years I didn’t even post once per month finishing the year in single digits. But I’ve always had it sitting there in the background.

Some have probably been more active this whole time while others are just now getting their feet wet.

I wrote about the importance of owning your content a little bit shortly after Elon took over and the point still stands.

Matthias Ott created an awesome newsletter, Own Your Web about it and I'd highly recommend checking it out.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that it’s just nice to see more people putting their personal sites out there.