Mozilla Needs to Focus on Firefox

February 15, 2024
2 Minute Read

Mozilla just recently announced more layoffs. They're apparently scaling back on, its VPN and other services to focus on bringing trustworthy AI into Firefox. I really wish I knew what Mozilla was thinking.

I started using Firefox back in the early days, when IE6 was still the latest and greatest from Microsoft. I bounced over to Chrome for a little bit, but came back to Firefox with their Quantum update and when I started to de-Google my life. I've tried out Brave, Arc, and will still occasionally use Safari. Firefox though has generally been my primary browser.

Its market share might not be great, but its a an awesome browser that really needs to get some focus back on it. I will fully admit I don't follow every bit of news about what all is going on inside Mozilla, but it seems like Firefox has been taking a back seat while Mozilla focuses AI, VPN, it's own Mastodon instance, and other initiatives.

I really hope they start to turn their attention to improving Firefox itself. I don't need or want AI. I want a browser that is fast, stays up to date with the latest CSS and JavaScript features, and helps protect my privacy online. I'm really hoping that Mozilla finally gets its act together so we have a little more browser choice and aren't stuck with the Chromium flavor of the week.