2024 Aspirations Progress

I figured it would be a nice idea to create a page to show my progress on my aspirations for 2024.

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

Aspiration #1: Average 5 Days a Week of Working Out

My hope for 2024 is to average being active on average 5 days a week.

Average Days Acitve per Week

5 days/week

Aspiration #2: Finish a Side Project

My desire for 2024 is to finish a side project.

Have I Completed a Side Project?

Aspiration #3: Write 100 Blog Posts

My goal for 2024 is to write 100 blog posts.

Blog Posts Written

43 / 100 (43%)

Aspiration #4: Finish Writing the Story I Started in September

My desire for 2024 is to finish the story I started last year.

Have I Completed the Story?

Aspiration #5: Finish Our Sunroom

My desire for 2024 is to turn our sunroom into a nice sitting room.

Have I Finished the Sunroom?

Aspiration #6: Read 40 Books

My hope for 2024 is to read at least 40 books.

Books Read

11 / 40 (28%)