Reading Log - December 16, 2022 (#10)

There's no escaping the Twitter drama this week after Elon's petty hypocrisy. But outside that, we look at the celebrating the 75th birthday of the transistor, a big advancement in fusion energy, as well as a big announcement from Apple.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

What's new in Visual Studio productivity (Dante Gagne)

Prevent http requests to external services in unit tests (Gérald Barré)

🖥 Technology & the Internet

TSA Quietly Deploying Facial Recognition Scanners At Major US Airports (Tim Cushing)

75 years ago, the transistor ignited the fire of modern innovation (David Brancaccio & Alex Schroeder)

Yes, Elon Musk Is Fucking Up Twitter; But No, The Government Has No Business Getting Involved (Mike Masnick)

Twitter's Big Ad Plan: Violate FTC Consent Decree, California Privacy Law & EU Privacy Laws To Force Users To Hand Over Info For Ad Targeting (Mike Masnick)

Elon's Promise Not To Ban Account Tracking His Jet Didn't Last Very Long At All; Also Bans Guy's Personal Account (Mike Masnick)

Big News: Apple Will Allow Outside App Stores In Response To EU Law (Mike Masnick)

Despite Warnock Win, Gigi Sohn's Path To The FCC Remains Mired In Dumb, Corrupt Bullshit (Karl Bode)

🎮 Gaming

Report: Microsoft Offered Sony Call Of Duty On PlayStation Plus (Luke Plunkett)

📈 Business & Finance

How CoinDesk's FTX scoop left a hole in its corporate overlord (Elizabeth Lopatto)

How Congress' latest bid to help Americans save for retirement falls short (Meghan McCarty Carino)

GM and LG get $2.5 billion battery loan from the Department of Energy (Jonathan M. Gillian)

🔬 Science

Is This the 'Kitty Hawk Moment' for Fusion Energy? (Charles Seife)

⚾ Sports

Why Are Teams Issuing Extremely Long Contracts? (Ben Clemens)

🎧 Podcasts

The Indicator #1252: Revitalizing American innovation

How We Survive Season 2, Episode 7: Swampland for Sale

Fresh Air: Chaos reigns at Twitter as Musk manages 'by whims'

Against the Rules: Respect the Polygon

Money Talks: The changing ideology of Silicon Valley

🎒 Everything Else

When Things Go Wrong With Players Solving Escape Rooms (Kenneth Seward Jr.)

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Rocky Votolato - Evergreen