Reading Log - December 30, 2022 (#12)

Mastodon is making some in-roads, Apple is considering opening up a bit on iOS and LastPass is in some trouble.

In Depth

Joe Rossignol: Apple Considering Dropping Requirement for iPhone Web Browsers to Use WebKit

If Apple does indeed do this, it will make things very interesting. It’ll be nice to have better browser diversity on iOS.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

Does WWW still belong in URLs? (Pieter De Decker)

What are microservices? The pros, cons, and how they work (Anna Monus)

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox (Josh W. Comeau)

Better Assertions for your Unit Tests (Johan Smarius)

Designing a New Outlook Experience (Tasha Lutfi)

🖥 Technology & the Internet

LastPass users: Your info and password vault data are now in hackers’ hands (Dan Goodin)

Twitter rival Mastodon rejects funding to preserve nonprofit status (Ian Johnston)

Mastodon—and the pros and cons of moving beyond Big Tech gatekeepers (Ben Clemens)

📈 Business & Finance

Five financial trends that 2022 killed (The Economist)

🔬 Science

2022's US climate disasters, from storms and floods to heat waves and droughts (Shuang-Ye Wu)

🎒 Everything Else

Same Old, Same Old (Adam M. Grossman)

The unpursuit of clout (Brandur Leach)

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Will Farley - Send My Love to the System