Reading Log - January 6, 2023 (#13)

A scary moment in the NFL Monday night. Also lots of podcasts this week.

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

Transient Frameworks (Matthias Ott)

How To Structure Your .NET Solutions: Architecture And Trade-Offs (James Hickey)

What does it look like for the web to lose? (Chris Coyier)

A Practical Guide to CSS Media Queries (Alex Ivanovs)

How to Determine a JavaScript Promise's Status (David Walsh)

🖥 Technology & the Internet

Anker Highlights What Not To Do When Your Crappy Security Standards Are Exposed (Karl Bode)

LastPass Tries To Bury The Full Scope Of Its Disastrous Privacy Breach Behind The Christmas Holiday (Karl Bode)

📈 Business & Finance

Remote Work Is Poised to Devastate America's Cities (Eric Levitz)

The Homeownership Society Was a Mistake (Jerusalem Demsas)

🔬 Science

Space-based solar power hardware ready for actual testing in space (John Timmer)

⚾ Sports

For Damar Hamlin, NFL activated Emergency Action Plan. How does it work? (Jourdan Rodrigue)

Damar Hamlin situation rekindles questions over NFL player contracts (Daniel Kaplan)

🎧 Podcasts

The Changelog #489: Run your home on a Raspberry Pi

The Changelog #491: Stacked diffs for fast-moving code review

JS Party #227: JS logging & error handling

.NET Rocks #1793: Secure Open Source Practices with Jillian Ratliff

Software Engineering Daily: Technical Debt With Lee Atchison

.NET Rocks #1794: Using Web Components with Jemima Abu

The New Bazaar S1 Ep 39: Finance portrayed in arts and culture

Cautionary Tales: When a Plague Struck World of Warcraft, and Blood on the Tracks

🎒 Everything Else

Writing Is Magic (Marc Brooker)

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

The Menzingers - America (You're Freaking Me Out) - From Exile