Reading Log - March 10, 2023 (#21)

This week I read about the web becoming more miserable, and dysfunction in D.C. over tech issues.

In Depth

Elizabeth Lopatto: I don't want to log in to your website

The title says it all. If I need to login or enter my email to read your article, I'm not going to. I'll simply close the tab and move on.

The web is becoming a miserable experience because some salesbro who is trying to meet his KPIs is doing stuff to marginally increase the number of paying customers.

I get that websites need to make money and that ads don't always cut it…especially when there are so many like myself that block ads. But if I'm just reading a single article, cut me a break.

And Elizabeth talks about that too.

I understand that. Shit, if I'm reading more than 10 of your articles a month, I probably should subscribe. Fair's fair, and writers have to eat just like everyone else.

I do subscribe to some sites to support their journalism, but sadly I don't have the money, nor time to subscribe to everything. I'd like to, but I, and many others can't.

Ashley Belanger: Biden helped draft bipartisan bill that could ban TikTok nationwide

I'm not really a fan of TikTok. I don't have an account and I can't see any reason that would make me create an account. That said, if the government or other entities are worried about China slurping up all our data, I got news for you…banning TikTok isn't going to stop them, it'll just drive them to other sources, like the unregulated data broker industry.

If the concern is China, the best defense is to pass laws and regulations that target the data brokers. The laws and regulations can have the added benefit of protecting U.S. consumers from those gathering all our data, both foreign and domestic.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

Myths about F#: Imperative code is simpler than functional code! No, not at all, but you are more used to it. (Urs Enzler)

Announcing ImageSharp 3.0.0 (Six Labors)

Clever Code Considered Harmful (Josh W. Comeau)

Warnings-as-errors friction (Mark Seemann)

The Required Keyword in C# 11 (Claudio Bernasconi)

My CSS-Tricks Top 10 (Geoff Graham)

Redefining Developer Experience (Cole Peters)

🖥 Technology & the Internet

The life-upending flaw that USPS won't fix (Zack Whittaker)

Our Growing TikTok Moral Panic Still Isn't Addressing The Actual Problem (Karl Bode)

Ford Submits A Patent That Would Allow Cars To Repossess Themselves (Tim Cushing)

Gigi Sohn withdraws her nomination for President Joe Biden's FCC (Makena Kelly)

Sci-fi magazine 'Clarkesworld' stops submissions after a rush of AI-made stories (Vincent Acovino, Mary Louise Kelly, & Halimah Abdullah)

🎮 Gaming

SimCity launched a decade ago, and it was so disastrous it killed the series (Callum Bains)

Cities: Skylines II Annnounced, Releasing This Year (Marcus Stewart)

📈 Business & Finance

How to Fill an Office Today? Waive the Rent (Carol Ryan)

Immigrants help fill gaps in trucking workforce (Elizabeth Trovall)

🔬 Science

NASA studying unexpected performance of Orion's heat shield ahead of crew mission (Eric Berger)

⚾ Sports

How Artem Anisimov embraced his role as a mentor to Flyers' AHL prospects (Charlie O'Connor)

🎒 Everything Else

The Case For Shunning (A.R. Moxon)

I doubled-down on RSS (Eric Bailey)

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Nothington - The Lies I Need