Reading Log - May 19, 2023 (#29)

I’ve finally started going through all my RSS feeds, so there’s a lot to this week’s log. The topics are all over the place from the IRS doing what it should have done from the beginning, to a boneheaded decision to add some new top level domains, to the US Supreme Court saving Section 230.

In Depth

Scott Horsley: The IRS is building its own online tax filing system. Tax-prep companies aren't happy

The IRS should have done this from the beginning but the tax prep companies lobbied hard against it. Their greed in hiding the free options is who they have to blame for this. Here’s hoping they follow through for the 2023 tax season.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

C# 12: Preview of Three New Features Coming - Almir Vuk

Sending MediatR Notifications Immediately After Saving an Entity with Entity Framework Core - Bryan Hogan

Minimal API growing with .NET 7 - Christian Nagel

Solid Principles in C# - Harsh Matharu

Web Components 2023 Spring Update - Rob Eisenberg

The Safest Way To Hide Your API Keys When Using React - Jessica Joseph

Push protection is generally available, and free for all public repositories - Zain Malik & Mariam Sulakian

Visual Studio UI Refresh - Kaitlin Brooks, Cherry Wang, & Dante Gagne

What Even Are React Server Components - Nick Teslan

Crafting the Next.js Website - Rauno Freiberg

Scoped CSS is Back - Keith J. Grant

The ongoing defence of frontend as a full-time job - Christian Heilmann

The JavaScript Ecosystem Is Delightfully Weird - Sam Ruby

Modern minimal workers in .NET - Anthony Simmon

Announcing Deno KV - Andy Jiang & Ryan Dahl

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars - Eric Bailey

I gambled against React and lost (and I don’t regret a thing) - Jens Langhammer

Selecting previous siblings with CSS :has() - Tobias Ahlin

Hiding Empty Elements with CSS :empty and :has - Tobias Ahlin

How to start using .NET Background Services - Khalid Abuhakmeh

Big Changes Coming for Blazor in .NET 8 - Jon Hilton

Announcing .NET 8 Preview 4 - Jon Douglas

My 20 Year Career is Technical Debt or Deprecated - Matt Watson

Your Jest tests might be wrong - Jamie Magee

An alternative approach to structuring your tests in XUnit - Bart Wullems

CSS HD Gradients

Accessibility for designer: where do I start? - Stephanie Walter

ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 4 - Daniel Roth

🖥 Technology & the Internet

Two principles to protect internet users from decaying platforms - Cory Doctorow

Right-wing Twitter worried Musk’s CEO pick could return Twitter to its roots - Ashley Belanger

An Update on the Lock Icon - _ David Adrian, Serena Chen, Joe DeBlasio, Emily Stark, & Emanuel von Zezschwitz_

The .zip TLD sucks and it needs to be immediately revoked - Swift on Security

Once Again, ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Caves To Authoritarian Censorial Bullies - Mike Masnick

Supreme Court Leaves 230 Alone For Now, But Justice Thomas Gives A Pretty Good Explanation For Why It Exists In The First Place - Mike Masnick

Google will soon let Pixel phones double as dashcams - Kyle Bradshaw

📈 Business & Finance

Missing mortgage contract innovation - John Cochrane

The case for financial literacy education - Paddy Hirsch

ESPN Plans to Stream Flagship Channel, Eying Cable TV’s Demise - Jessica Toonkel & Sarah Krouse

A lot of offices are still empty — and it's becoming a major risk for the economy - Arezou Rezvani

What America’s tiny banks do that big ones don’t - The Economist

🔬 Science

FDA advisers vote unanimously in favor of OTC birth control pills - Beth Mole

More evidence emerges that Saturn’s rings are much younger than the planet - Jennifer Ouellette

The complicated history of how the Earth’s atmosphere became breathable - Howard Lee

A private company has an audacious plan to rescue NASA’s last “Great Observatory” - Eric Berger

🎧 Podcasts

On Point: Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt on democracy, social media and how to fix America's 'ailing' institutions

The Indicator: The Man Who Busted the Inflation Myth

Coding Blocks #199 - Job Hopping and Favorite Dev Books

Pitchfork Economics - America isn’t Lost, it’s Adrift (with Scott Galloway)

You’re Wrong About: Beanie Babies with Jamie Loftus

🎒 Everything Else

Kia’s Logo Redesign was a Total Flop - Nick Hobson

How to Make Friends as an Adult - Mark Manson

Leading Successful Product Teams - Ariel Salminen

What Was Selling Out - Anil Dash

Cops say they're being poisoned by fentanyl. Experts say the risk is "extremely low" - Brian Mann

The Memex Method - Cory Doctorow

America's surprise revival: The suburbs - Erica Pandey

Site Search in Arc Browser — For Your Own Site - Jim Nielsen

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

The Wonder Years - Goddamnitall