Reading Log - June 23, 2023 (#33)

Two weeks worth of articles this week as I was in New York City last weekend. This log has a bunch of news out of the Microsoft-Activision acquisition, Reddit following the path of Twitter, and more.

In Depth

Marco Heine: The best tech stack for web development in 2023

I completely agree with Marco here.

The tech you use doesn’t matter. What matters is that you satisfy the needs of your users. Your users don’t care what tech you use, but they do care if your website or application works as intended and if they can achieve the task or find the information they came for.

Use the tech stack that works for you. There’s no one tech stack to rule them all. Use what makes sense for you. Use what allows you to create the features and the desired user experience for your customers in a fast and efficient manner.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

F# is the .NET Rust - jkone27

JavaScript’s Backtick Strings are Likely the Wrong Tool for Your Job - Mattie Behrens

Next.js App Router Update - Delba de Oliveira & Lee Robinson

Overcoming Anxiety in Code Reviews - Melissa Piper

The Next Phase of Eleventy: Return of the Side Project - Zach Leatherman

🖥 Technology & the Internet

The US Is Openly Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens - Dell Cameron

What neo-Luddites get right – and wrong – about Big Tech - Tim Harford

DPReview will live, actually — under new ownership - Jess Weatherbed

Important And Needed New Report: Scaling Trust On The Web - Mike Masnick

The government is helping Big Telecom squeeze out city-run broadband - Sean Hollister

Reddit Experiments With Removing Mods, Blocking Attempts To Switch Subs To NSFW - Mike Masnick

🎮 Gaming

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay looks like Grand Theft Auto: Tatooine - Ash Parrish

FTC files to block Microsoft from buying Activision Blizzard - Tom Warren

McDonald’s Just Dropped A Brand New Game Boy Game In 2023 - Anthony Wallace

FTC: Xbox-exclusive Starfield is “powerful evidence” against Activision deal - Kyle Orland

Beyond missing Titanic sub, handheld gamepads are a common military interface - Kyle Orland

Private email shows PlayStation chief unworried about Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty - Kyle Orland

📈 Business & Finance

Spotify’s podcast plan is going off the rails - Amrita Khalid

FTC sues Amazon for tricking customers into signing up for Prime - Makena Kelly

🔬 Science

Heatwaves are stressing out power grids all over the world - Justine Calma

⚾ Sports

Moneyball Broke Baseball - Mark Leibovich

The Athletic Decides Local News Doesn’t Pay - Lauren Theisen

🎧 Podcasts

Techdirt Podcast #354: Decentralizing Content Moderation

Stronger by Science #114: Sleep, Health, And Fitness

Techdirt Podcast #355: The Reddit Meltdown

99% Invisible #523: Six-on-Six Basketball

.NET Rocks #1831: Clean Architecture in 2023 with Steven Smith

On Point: Are return-to-office mandates backfiring?

🎒 Everything Else

The rebuilt heart of Jason Isbell - Jefferson Cowie

The Day the Lake Took the Edmund Fitzgerald - Martha Lundin

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

The Lottery Winners - Letter to Myself