Reading Log - June 30, 2023 (#34)

Got a lot this week. The NHL and Paramount+ make very poor decisions, some CSS & dev tool tips, Meta's possibly joining ActivityPub and more.

In Depth

Tom Ley: The NHL Scurries Away From Its Pride Night Problem

This is absolute garbage. I wrote more about it, but needless to say, the NHL are trash for making this decision. Inclusion is incredibly important and all this does is tell an already marginalized community that they aren’t welcome. Hockey is for everyone. Everyone regardless of who they are should be able to lace up their skates and play.

Cheryl Eddy: Star Trek: Prodigy Has Been Cancelled—and Will Be Removed From Paramount+

There’s been a lot of talk about owning your purchases. This is the perfect example why.

For some shows it might not matter. There have been plenty of shows I’ve been luke warm on and maybe don’t care if it disappears. But there are plenty of go-to shows that would be nice to always have access to. This is why I’ve been buying the DVD/Bluray sets of various shows over the last few years. It’s also why I’ve been buying more music. It’s nice to know that movies, shows, & music I like can’t be pulled out from under me.

Streaming might have it’s place, but it also has its downsides.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

XML is the future - Bite Code

Should We Use Records With EF Core as Model Classes? - Code Maze

I'm done with Red Hat (Enterprise Linux) - Jeff Geerling

The gotchas of CSS Nesting - Kilian Valkhof

Before your next frontend pull request, use this checklist - Nina Torgunakova & Travis Turner

Beautiful Blockquotes with CSS ::before Pseudo-Element - 1WD Crew

Useful DevTools Tips and Tricks - Patrick Brosset

The Problem With Bad Error Messages (And How to Fix Them) - Chinwe Uzegbu

🖥 Technology & the Internet

Lawyers Who Used ChatGPT In Lieu Of Research Must Pay $5k, Alert Other Judges - Mike Masnick

New York City Business Owners Aren’t Happy About Facial Recognition Ban Prompted By New York City Business Owner - Tim Cushing

As Canada Passes Corrupt Link Tax, Meta Says No More News Links In Canada - Mike Masnick

How Your New Car Tracks You - Matt Burgess

More on Preemptively Blocking Facebook’s Imminent ActivityPub Entry - John Gruber

Facebook, Fosstodon & The Fediverse - Kev Quirk

🔬 Science

NASA’s Mars Sample Return has a new price tag—and it’s colossal - Eric Berger

Why do some people get rashes in space? There's a clue in astronaut blood - Ari Daniel

NASA’s Mars helicopter is somehow still flying — and playing hide-and-seek - Daniel Wu

🎮 Gaming

Super Mario RPG pre-order guide - Alice Newcome-Beill

⚾ Sports

Lance Armstrong Is Suddenly Concerned With Fairness In Sports - Patrick Redford

🎧 Podcasts

The Indicator #1384: Why building public transit in the US costs so much

Make Me Smart #954: The origins of the Fed’s 2% inflation target Tech Policy Podcast #347: When Schools Scapegoat Social Media

The New Bazaar: How To Save Democratic Capitalism

🎒 Everything Else

The Country’s Most Unpleasant Moms Will Not Be Cowed By People Pointing Out The Big Hitler Quote On Their Newsletter - David Roth

The Secrets of Ships’ Super Smooth Hulls - Chris Baraniuk

The Password Game - Neal Agarwal

People Hire Phone Bots to Torture Telemarketers - Robert McMillan

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Save the World