Reading Log - July 21, 2023 (#36)

It’s another double issue as I was away in Maryland last weekend. Lots of stuff in here from many classic games being no longer available, new C# & .NET features, some CSS tricks, and an unfortunate outcome in the FTC vs. Microsoft case regarding their acquisition of Activision.

In Depth

Kyle Orland: 87% of classic games are out of print. That’s a problem for gaming history.

This goes along with the tragedy of Star Trek: Prodigy and my push to own my media. There are so many good games of the past that are hard to come by. And there are some that are only available via some probably less-than-legal methods which is shame.

Mike Masnick: How Would The GOP Feel If Democrats In Congress Demanded Details Regarding How Fox News Or The NY Post Made Editorial Decisions?

Now, imagine if the Democrats were in control over the House, and they formed a committee that sent a similar subpoena to Fox News or to the NY Post “compelling” either of those orgs to detail how it made editorial choices, what stories it would cover, what opinion writers it would publish, or what stories would go on the front page with what headlines?

Mike hits the nail right on the head here. I am no fan of Fox News. I think it has made America dumber, and has helped divide this country by feeding people so many lies and bullshit over the years. I also don’t want to see the government going after them and pushing them to determine what they cover and how they cover it. And while I am no fan of Meta either, Meta should be free to moderate Threads as they see fit.

Link Blast

👨🏼‍💻 Software Development & Design

New Viewport Units - Ahmad Shadeed

Sass Features in CSS - Chris Coyier

Should I change the default HTML font-size to 62.5%? - Grace Snow

Announcing .NET 8 Preview 6 - Justin Yoo

New C# 12 preview features - Kathleen Dollard

Entity framework features I wish I knew earlier - Tim Deschryver

Why design systems fail - Karen Vanhouten

Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Server Side Rendering (SSR) - Jon Hilton

5 Inconvenient Truths about TypeScript - Stefan Baumgartner

Introducing a Powerful New Extension Manager - Maia Kelner

MediatR Publish and Send Methods - Code Maze

Visually hidden links with 0 dimensions - Manuel Matuzović

How to create a responsive grid system with CSS Grid - Chris Ferdinandi

Good code is like a love letter to the next developer who will maintain it. - Addy Osmani

Too many tabs open? No problem! - Mads Kristensen

Overload Resolution in C# - Steven Giesel

🖥 Technology & the Internet

San Francisco protestors are disabling autonomous vehicles using traffic cones - Rob Thubron

The FCC aims to stop SIM swappers with new rules - Wes Davis

Congratulations! The US Is 32nd Worldwide On Broadband Affordability - Karl Bode

Tax preparers that shared private data with Meta, Google could be fined billions - Ashley Belanger

The ‘X’ Stands for Bullshit - John Gruber

Massachusetts Prepares To Ban The Collection And Abuse Of Cell Phone Location Data - Karl Bode

Amazon Told Drivers Not to Worry About In-Van Surveillance Cameras. Now Footage Is Leaking Online - Jules Roscoe

Fear, loathing, and excitement as Threads adopts open standard used by Mastodon - Gregory Barber

🔬 Science

In-space manufacturing startup aces pharma experiment in orbit - Stephen Clark

Probing the mysteries of neutron stars with a surprising earthly analog - Katie McCormick

Should we invest more in weather forecasting? It may save your life - Greg Rosalsky

DART asteroid impact created a 10,000-kilometer debris field of boulders - John Timmer

🎮 Gaming

Microsoft wins FTC fight to buy Activision Blizzard - Tom Warren

Xbox’s Major Nelson is leaving Microsoft after 22 years - Jay Peters

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard extend merger agreement to October - Tom Warren

📈 Business & Finance

Inside the perverse system of 'lazy management' that's destroying the tech industry - Hugh Langley & Grace Kay

The fight over working from home goes global - The Economist

The financial consequences of empty offices - David Brancaccio, Alex Schroeder, & Erika Soderstrom

A Good Prospect - Nick Bowlin

Got tipping rage? This barista reveals what it's like to be behind the tip screen - Stacy Vanek Smith

Electric vehicles are getting cheaper — here's why - Samantha Fields

⚾ Sports

Megan Rapinoe Couldn't Have Done It Any Better - Tom Ley

The Negro League revolutionized baseball – MLB's new rules are part of its legacy - Dave Davies

The Slow Hemorrhage Of The American Sports Desk - Ray Ratto

Running Backs Are Hosed - Tom Ley

🎧 Podcasts

Make Me Smart #968: The "American Whitelash" and economic fear

ShopTalk #552: Do You Want to Build a JS Framework? ☃️ CSS Wishlist for 2023

🎒 Everything Else

"VC qanon" and the radicalization of the tech tycoons - Anil Dash

Our Fastest, Most Beautiful Release Ever: Thunderbird 115 "Supernova" Is Here! - Jason Evangelho

A “secure” system can be the most dangerous of all - Cory Doctorow

Why engineers should focus on writing - Dmitry Kudryavtsev

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

The Gaslight Anthem (feat. Bruce Springsteen) - History Books