Reading Log - September 4, 2023 (#42)

This week I finally read a great profile on Mike Masnick, the founder of TechDirt, NASA being concerned with its ability to maintain its Deep Space Network, more reasons to just build your sites, and more.

🖥 Software Development & Design

If you want to address tech debt, quantify it first - Ryan Donovan

Abstract Away the Performance Faults of querySelectorAll - Ryan Morr

The New CSS Math: round() - Daniel C. Wilson

If I’m already using React, why should I rewrite my app with Web Components? - Dave Rupert

Just Build It... - Stephanie Stimac

Visual Studio for Mac Retirement Announcement - Anthony Cangialosi

Data Annotations in C#: Your Complete Guide - ByteHyde

Why are websites embarrassing? - Robin Rendle

📡 Technology & the Internet

The Internet is for Extremism - Jeremiah Johnson

I Tracked an NYC Subway Rider's Movements with an MTA ‘Feature’ - Joseph Cox

Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google - Tom Warren

iFixit tears down a McDonald’s ice cream machine, demands DMCA exemption for it - Kevin Purdy

An Internet Veteran’s Guide to Not Being Scared of Technology - Kashmir Hill

🔬 Science

Space junk is on the rise, and no one is in charge of cleaning it up - Chris Impey

NASA officials sound alarm over future of the Deep Space Network - Stephen Clark

Neutrons prove ‘Bond villain’ did not cause Arecibo telescope collapse - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

⚾️ Sports

A former MLB player who once struggled with Tourette syndrome finds peace helping others - Zack Meisel

Professional Women’s Hockey League Announces Original 6 Markets, Draft Plan - Hailey Salvian

🎧 Podcasts

ShopTalk Show #554: Jamstack Thoughts with Brian Rinaldi

Techdirt Podcast #363: Social Media & Mental Health

🎒 Everything Else

The best bosses know how to subtract work - The Economist

Devil in the grooves: The case against forensic firearms analysis - Radley Balko

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Spanish Love Songs - Pendulum