Reading Log - September 11, 2023 (#43)

This week we look at privacy nightmares in new cars, updates to security in .NET, email development being awful, and more.

🖥 Software Development & Design

Why You Should Build Debugging Into Your SQL Server Stored Procedures - Erik Darling

Libraries and Frameworks and Platforms, Oh My! - Rob Eisenberg

Turn on Nullability checks by default - Steven Giesel

BearerToken: The new Authentication handler in .NET 8 - Tore Nestenius

Why Does Email Development Have to Suck? - Hristiyan Dodov

Increasing Developer Velocity - David Giard

Best practices which can improve performance of your .NET core application - Dotnet Office

How to Mark Methods as Deprecated in C# - Marko Hrnčić

Why Do You Have to Return "Task" Whenever You "await" Something in a Method in C#? - Jeremy Clark

My Process for Submitting Pull Requests - Sean Killeen

“Enough Healthy Overlap” - Chris Coyier

📡 Technology & the Internet

Mozilla: Modern Cars Are A Privacy Shitshow - Karl Bode

Marsha Blackburn Makes It Clear: KOSA Is Designed To Silence Trans People - Mike Masnick

Yet Another Study Shows No Link At All Between Social Media And Teen Anxiety And Depression - Mike Masnick

Experts link LastPass security breach to a string of crypto heists - Jess Weatherbed

🔬 Science

NASA finally admits what everyone already knows: SLS is unaffordable - Eric Berger

🎒 Everything Else

The inconvenient truth about productivity - Tim Harford

The Mighty Power of the Pen - Contessa Capital Advisors

The Importance of Kindness and Alignment in Building Exceptional Teams - Anton Sten

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

James Horner - Stealing the Enterprise