Reading Log - September 18, 2023 (#44)

This week I read about how mistakes made in 1999 are still relevant today, .NET 8 RC1 being released, and the never-ending scam that is public funding for sports stadiums.

In Depth

Andrew Zimbalist: Stadiums as Public Investments

I remember reading Field of Schemes by Neil Demause & Joanna Cagan several years ago and the following excerpt always stood out to me.

As St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Edward Lotterman wrote on the absurdities of TIFS: “My wife and I have often talked about a small addition that would extend the back porch the full width of the house. It would be nice if the government would give us the money to do this. The value of the house would increase and so would our taxes. The higher taxes would pay the government back eventually, so it wouldn’t cost taxpayers anything. It seems like a great idea, but for some reason the government is not willing to step up to our plate. We threatened to move to Portland or Charlotte if we don’t get help, but officials just laughed.”

Public money funding private sports stadium is a racket and any and all proposals should be immediately rejected.

Link Blask

🖥 Software Development & Design

The Top 10 Web Design Mistakes of 1999 - Jakub Nielsen

Drawbacks To Using Interfaces In C# – How To Balance - Nick Cosentino

The Worst Programmer I Know - Dan North

Announcing .NET 8 RC1 - Leslie Richardson

📡 Technology & the Internet

Lightning was great, actually - Jay Peters

Calif. passes strongest right-to-repair bill yet, requiring 7 years of parts - Kevin Purdy

How Mobile Apps Illegally Share Your Personal Data -

🔬 Science

Air Force plans microreactor at Alaska base pending NRC approval - Jonathan Snyder

🎮 Gaming

Unity’s new “per-install” pricing enrages the game development community - Kyle Orland

🎧 Podcasts

Techdirt Podcast #364: Thinking About Decentralization

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Frank Turner - The Resurrectionists