Reading Log - October 2, 2023 (#46)

This week I read about why analytics are a privacy nightmare and not worth it, NASA seeing what they got back from the asteroid, the FTC going after Amazon and more.

In Depth

Joseph Morgenstern: The Skyscraper That Could Have Toppled Over in the Wind

I remember the first time I heard about this story, it was on a 99% Invisible podcast episode.

The story was riveting, and also scary. I’d highly suggest reading this article and listening to the episode.

Link Blast

🖥 Software Development & Design

One Thing Nobody Explained To You About TypeScript - Artem Zakharchenko

Nuclear Anchored Sidenotes - Eric A. Meyer

Notes on Teaching Test Driven Development - Jeremy D. Miller

Innovation Without Barriers - The ReadME Podcast #27

📡 Technology & the Internet

Spotify is going to clone podcasters’ voices — and translate them to other languages - Amrita Khalid

Counting Ghosts - P.C. Maffey

‘All Of Sony Systems’ Allegedly Hacked By New Ransomware Group - Levi Winslow

🔬 Science

Scientists just opened the lid to NASA’s asteroid sample canister - Stephen Clark

📈 Business & Finance

FTC files “the big one,” a lawsuit alleging Amazon illegally maintains monopoly - Jon Brodkin

⚾️ Sports

Julie Ertz Was The USWNT - Tom Ley

🎧 Podcasts

Longform Podcast #527: Mary Childs

PodRocket: Building Elk with Daniel Roe

Fresh Air: A veterinarian says pets have a lot to teach us about love and grief

Programming Throwdown #153: ChatGPT

TED Radio Hour #519: We've doubled life expectancy in 100 years. How did we do it?

🎒 Everything Else

Not Even The Patron Stooge Of Fawning Biographies Can Make Elon Musk Look Good - James Robins

Space Force chief says commercial satellites may need defending - Stephen Clark

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Jerry Goldsmith - A New Ending