Reading Log - November 6, 2023 (#49)

Caught up on some of my RSS feeds this week. This week it's the new text-wrap CSS property, a new entrant to the space race, Microsoft cracking down (dangerously?) on game controllers, and more.

In Depth

Adam Argyle: CSS text-wrap: balance

I’ve been using this for a little bit for my headlines. I like it. I just hope Firefox & Safari pick it up soon.

Link Blast

🖥 Software Development & Design

Domain Model first - Mark Seeman

When a form is actually... oh it's a form - Jon Hilton

Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework - Jake Lazaroff

What I Wish I Knew About Working In Development Right Out Of School - Victoria Johnson

Primary constructors adds class parameters in C# 12 - Round The Code

What’s new in CSS? - Bramus Van Damme

ES Module imports in Node.js and the browser - Eli Bendersky

When to use CSS text-wrap: balance; vs text-wrap: pretty; - Stephanie Stimac

Release: Yarn 4.0 - Maël Nison

Naming Variables In CSS - Jonathan Dallas

📡 Technology & the Internet

Silicon Valley is piling in to the business of snooping - The Economist

In One Lawsuit, Louisiana & Missouri Say Gov’t Can Never Pressure Websites To Change; In Another, They’re Looking To Pressure Websites To Change - Mike Masnick

They Cracked the Code to a Locked USB Drive Worth $235 Million in Bitcoin. Then It Got Weird - Andy Greenberg

🔬 Science

After decades of dreams, a commercial spaceplane is almost ready to fly - Stephen Clark

I spy with my Cold War satellite eye… nearly 400 Roman forts in the Middle East - Jennifer Ouellette

This is how we could possibly build paved roads on the Moon - Elizabeth Rayne

🎮 Gaming

The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria review: solid cozy survival fun for a group of pals - Alice Bell

John Romero on his Book Doom Guy and Developing Games at a Small Scale - ZUKALOUS

Xbox will block third-party controllers to “preserve the console experience” - Imogen Donovan

📈 Business & Finance

The Retail Theft Surge That Isn’t: Report Says Crime Is Being Exaggerated To Cover Up Other Retail Issues - Tim Cushing

🎧 Podcasts

Masters in Business: Zeke Faux on Crypto and the Digital Asset Frenzy

🎒 Everything Else

Why I Love Paperbacks - Isaac Fitzgerald

One Regulation Could Have Stopped a Nationwide Car Theft Wave. Why Don't We Have It? - Aaron Gordon

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

blink-182 - Anthem Part 3