Reading Log - November 20, 2023 (#51)

This week the latest version of .NET was released as weell as SpaceX taking their next step with Starship and more.

🖥 Software Development & Design

HTML Web Components - Chris Ferdinandi

How to create Unit Tests for Model Validation - Davide Bellone

The Lack of Compensation in Open Source Software is Unsustainable - Thomas Stringer

Announcing C# 12 - Kathleen Dollard

Announcing .NET 8 - Gaurav Seth

📡 The Internet

But What Do We Do If Google Is Legitimately Just A Better Search Engine? - Mike Masnick

🔌 Technology

The FCC says new rules will curb SIM swapping. I’m pessimistic - Dan Goodin

Apple says iPhones will support RCS in 2024 - Emma Roth

Microsoft is still paying for its mobile mistakes 10 years later - Ed Bott

🚀 Space

Starship brought the thunder as it climbed into space for the first time - Stephen Clark

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is telling us more about its alien ocean - Elizabeth Rayne

🎮 Gaming

Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update - Valve

⚾️ Sports

Steeled by lessons off the field, C.J. Stroud is taking the NFL by storm - Zak Keefer

🎧 Podcasts

Planet Money #1693: China's real estate crisis, explained

The Indicator #1483: The evidence on school vouchers that'll please nobody

WorkLife with Adam Grant: Sci-fi writer Andy Weir doesn't love writing

🎒 Everything Else

Here’s $75, Give Me One Frosty Tesla Cyberbeer Please GZZT MZZZZT ZZZZZTT ERROR ERROR FATAL ERROR - Albert Burneko

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Mercy Union - The Void