Reading Log - January 8, 2024 (#58)

This week is a little space heavy with news of a Lunar lander having issues, data about Neptune & Uranus, Jupiter's moon Io, and more.

🖥 .NET

Common Setup and Teardown in dotnet tests without test framework magic - Cezary Piątek

💻 General Development

5 ways to make your DevSecOps strategy developer-friendly - Nick Liffen

Overview of Bun, a JavaScript runtime - John Reilly & Megan Lee

📡 The Internet

The Internet Is About to Get Weird Again - Anil Dash

🚀 Space

Peregrine lander suffers anomaly after launch - Jeff Foust

New images reveal what Neptune and Uranus really look like - University of Oxford

Space shuttle Endeavour’s giant orange external tank begins final journey - Rong-Gong Lin II

NASA Juno spacecraft reveals Jupiter's volcanic moon Io like never before in spectacular new images - Robert Lea

🎮 Gaming

Wizards of the Coast admits using AI art after banning AI artz - Oli Welsh

Watch a 13-year-old become the first person to ever beat Classic Tetris - Nicole Clark

🎧 Podcasts

Hanselminutes #889: Bing's move to .NET 7 with Principal Engineer Ben Watson

PodRocket: React and frontend development with Josh Comeau

🏛️ Politics

Transforming the post-incarceration experience - Kai Ryssdal & Maria Hollenhorst

Republicans Trying To Kill Program That Brings Affordable Broadband To The Poor - Karl Bode

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Deftones - Simple Man