Reading Log - November 18, 2022 (#6)

CSS has come a long way, and NASA has finally launched Artemis I to the moon.


Frontend Mastery: The Evolution of Scalable CSS

It still amazes me sometimes with how far we’ve come in web development. I remember back around 2000(ish) playing around with building websites in Geocities and Front Page. Going from the clunky, old-school direct properties on the DOM elements to now using CSS stylesheets is such an improvement.

There are now so many new CSS properties, functions and selectors that I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of them. Making them scale in a large web application is no easy task.

No tool is perfect, and every project and team is different. Whatever approach is taken, establishing foundations that bridge the design gap is a key element to scaling CSS.

The article gives a good overview of some of the things you can try to do to make your CSS more manageable, but the conclusion makes sense. We all do things differently, and teams need to figure out what is best and most sustainable for themselves. Take examples from others, but make sure to do what works.

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