Reading Log - February 5, 2024 (#62)

NASA's Ingenuity Copter has flown its last flight, the EU blocking Amazon's iRobot acquisition, TypeScript in 2024, and more.

🌐 Web Development

Daniel Rosenwasser on TypeScript and What’s Ahead in 2024 - Loraine Lawson

Announcing Interop 2024 - James Graham

How to start a React Project in 2024 - Robin Wieruch

📡 The Internet

Please, don’t force me to log in - Juha-Matti Santala

The creators of Twitterrific are making an app to read (almost) anything on the web - Amrita Khalid

🔌 Technology

The economy and ethics of AI training data - Matt Levin

Microsoft stole my Chrome tabs, and it wants yours, too - Tom Warren

🚀 Space

The Little Mars Helicopter That Could - Barry Petchesky

📈 Business & Finance

Amazon terminates iRobot deal, Roomba maker to lay off 31% of staff - Rohan Goswami

Amazon’s $1.4B Roomba bid fails, leading to iRobot layoffs and CEO resignation - Kevin Purdy

Why Walmart pays its truck drivers 6 figures - Rachel Premack

🎧 Podcasts

Coffee & Open Source: Chris O’Dell

📝 Longform

How Far Can Running Take You After a Decade of Addiction? - Peter Flax

📰 Journalism

‘The Messenger’ Implosion Once Again Shows The Real Problem With U.S. Journalism Is Shitty Management By Visionless, Fail-Upward Brunchlords - Mike Masnick

The Messenger Was Built To Fail, And Did - Chris Thompson

🎒 Everything Else

Biking in cities can be complicated, and map apps can only help so much - Kai Ryssdal & Sarah Leeson

Another FAFSA snag is delaying financial aid offers for prospective college students - Stephanie Hughes

24 Things I Know After 10 Years in Tech, I Wish I’d Known in Year 1 - Patrick Morgan

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Alice in Chains - Nutshell (MTV Unplugged)