Reading Log - March 11, 2024 (#67)

A little light this week, but I read about color spaces, uses of :has, and more.

šŸ–„ .NET

Code coverage features in Visual Studio Enterprise - Faisal Hafeez

šŸŒ Web Development

Okay, Color Spaces - Eric Portis

Some little ways Iā€™m using CSS :has() in the real world - Andy Bell

šŸ”Œ Technology

Cars will need fewer screens and more buttons to earn 5-star safety rating in Europe - Jess Weatherbed

šŸš€ Space

Shields up: New ideas might make active shielding viable - Jacek Krywko

šŸ“ˆ Business & Finance

As young consumers drink less, brands and bars offer more and better alternatives - Savannah Maher

šŸŽ§ Podcasts

Techdirt Podcast #382: Checking In On Bluesky With Jay Graber

The Indicator: How the SEC's new rule could reveal more about a company's emissions

Planet Money: The secret world behind school fundraisers and turning kids into salespeople

šŸŽµ A Song to Leave You With

A Perfect Circle - Judith