Reading Log - March 18, 2024 (#68)

A bunch of articles about accessibility, Congress making a mis-step with TikTok, a podcast about the history of the NFL, and more.

🌐 Web Development

Accessibility Myths - Sergei Kriger

Front-End solution: progress indicator - Andy Bell

The quiet, pervasive devaluation of frontend - Josh Collinsworth

My Talk on CSS Runtime Performance - Nolan Lawson

💻 General Development

A letter to my younger self, as an accessibility advocate - Heather Buchel

Beginner's mind and empathy in writing educational content - James’ Coffee Blog

📡 The Internet

Blog What You Like - Brandon

You don't have to be a “content creator” to have a website. - Ana Rodrigues

When Stewards Go Astray - Ernie Smith

The Browser Company feels gross to me right now - Matt Birchler

🔌 Technology

Once More With Feeling: Banning TikTok Is Unconstitutional & Won’t Do Shit To Deal With Any Actual Threats - Mike Masnick

Once More With Feeling: Banning TikTok Doesn’t Do Much If We Don’t Regulate Data Brokers And Pass A Privacy Law - Karl Bode

🚀 Space

Finally, engineers have a clue that could help them save Voyager 1 - Stephen Clark

📈 Business & Finance

How startup culture runs on bullshit. - Joan Westenberg

⚾️ Sports

Ray Davis grew up homeless, now he seeks to be a ‘name you’ll remember forever’ - Zac Keefer

🎧 Podcasts

Acquired: The NFL

Hanselminutes #894: Creating the Mastodon app "Elk" as a Progressive Web App with Daniel Roe

🎒 Everything Else

Write for others but mostly for yourself - Jack Vanlightly

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Rise Against - Forfeit