Reading Log - March 25, 2024 (#69)

It's a little light this week, but heavy on free speaech and the internet.

🖥 .NET

C# 12: Collection Expressions - Thomas Claudius Huber

🌐 Web Development

The box model and box sizing - Andy Bell

💻 General Development

John Romero doesn’t believe in prototypes - Dave Rupert

📡 The Internet

Judge Slams Elon Musk For Filing Vexatious SLAPP Suit Against Critic, Calling Out How It Was Designed To Suppress Speech - Mike Masnick

🔌 Technology

United States v. Apple - Ben Thompson

🎧 Podcasts

Ctrl-Alt-Speech: Murthy, Reddit, and the Speech Deciders

Ctrl-Alt-Speech: The Global Internet - Or Is It?

Make Me Smart #1121: America’s news deserts and the 2024 election

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Frank Turner - Rivers