Reading Log - April 15, 2024 (#72)

A little heavy on web development and podcsasts this week.

🖥 .NET

Useful features in Entity Framework Core 8 for your application - Dennis Frühauff

Collection Expressions – Using C# 12 in Rider and ReSharper - Matthias Koch

C# Compiler Lead Jared Parsons on 20 Years at Microsoft - David Cassel

Abstract Class vs Interface in C# - NDepend

How to use xUnit to run unit testing in .NET and C# - David Grace

🌐 Web Development

Write CSS. Not too much. Mostly scoped. - Lee James Reamsnyder

JavaScript Visualized: Promise Execution - Lydia Hallie

Hanging punctuation in CSS - Jeremy Keith

Front-end development’s identity crisis - Elly Loel

How to think about HTML responsive images - Dan Cătălin Burzo

💻 General Development

What is static code analysis? - Kerry Beetge

Designing for Neurodiversity - Mark Wallace

The Cost of Not Logging - Paul Michaels

How to correctly review a pull request - Jim Bennett

🔌 Technology

Tech is supercharging pre-employment personality tests - Meghan McCarty Carino

📈 Business & Finance

Beeper was just acquired by Automattic, which has big plans for the future of messaging - David Pierce

We need more calm companies - Justin Jackson

⚾️ Sports

Pitching injury crisis has no easy fix, but baseball’s leaders better get to work on one - Ken Rosenthal

🎧 Podcasts

Smashing Magazine Podcast #63: What is the Transitional Web with Chris Ferdinandi

The ReadME Podcast: (De)coding conventions

Fresh Air: The Legacy Of Baseball's 'Negro League'

.NET Rocks #1853: Scaling a Monolith with Derek Comartin

The Big Take: For Ivy League Rejects, Public Schools Are Next-Best Bet

.NET Rocks: Going Full Time on Open Source with Shaun Walker

The Indicator: Can breaking the law be good for business?

Coffee & Open Source: Linda Haviv

📺 Media & Entertainment

If You Love Podcasts, Dump Spotify - Alex Sujong Laughlin

📝 Longform

Green Acres - Wes Ferguson

🎒 Everything Else

I want to elevate more people with Piccalilli Links - Andy Bell

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Chuck Ragan - The Boat