Reading Log - April 29, 2024 (#74)

Centering content has never been easier! Also, a scathing review on Jonathan Haidt's new book on social media.

🌐 Web Development

The align-content property for block layouts is now part of Baseline - Rachel Andrew

📡 The Internet

Jonathan Haidt’s Book ‘The Anxious Generation’ Is Coddling The American Parent; Giving Them Clear, Simple & Wrong Explanations For What’s Ailing Teens - Mike Masnick

The Coddling of the American Parent - Mike Masnick

Benjamin Cohen was falsely accused of the Bondi Junction stabbings. Here's how the lie spread around the world. - Kevin Nguyen and Michael Workman

🎮 Gaming

Video Games Should Be Easy, For Baby Gamers Like Me - Barry Petchesky

🎧 Podcasts

The New Bazaar: William Bernstein on stocks, bonds, and the economy

Ctrl-Alt-Speech: The Difficulty of Being a Teen Online

Make Me Smart: What we often get wrong about teens and screen time

🎒 Everything Else

Digital reading soars in Seattle, creating problems for local libraries - Clare McGrane & Patricia Murphy

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Tim Barry - Dog Bumped