Reading Log - May 13, 2024 (#76)

React 19 is now in beta, NASA looks ahead to both the new Starliner launch and Artemis II, and more.

🌐 Web Development

React 19 Beta - The React Team

Level-Setting Heading Levels - Adrian Roselli

💻 General Development

The Case Against Clean Architecture - Jeremy D. Miller

🚀 Space

Boeing’s Big Space Test: Using Starliner to Ferry NASA Astronauts - Micah Maidenberg

NASA confirms “independent review” of Orion heat shield issue - Stephen Clark

🎮 Gaming

Elder Scrolls and Fallout devs Bethesda want to release games more often, but making them last is more important - Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

🎧 Podcasts

Techdirt Podcast: Talking TikTok

📺 Media & Entertainment

Peacock is turning The Office into a franchise with a new spinoff series - Charles Pulliam-Moore

🎒 Everything Else

Start With Simple Tools - Mike Grindle

New talk: Making Hard Things Easy - Julia Evans

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Coldplay - Speed of Sound