Reading Log - June 3, 2024 (#79)

A guide for creating shapes in CSS, understanding how sort in JavaScript works, AI in job searches, and more.

🖥 .NET

Don't Do This With Extension Methods - Adam Storr

🌐 Web Development

The Modern Guide For Making CSS Shapes - Temani Afif

Finally Understanding How Array.sort(comparator) Works - James Kerr

Why Patching Globals Is Harmful - Artem Zakharchenko

A common web component learning blunder - Dave Rupert

📡 The Internet

Why Jonathan Haidt’s ‘Protect The Kids’ Proposals Could Make Things Worse For Kids - Mike Masnick

🔌 Technology

‘You’re Fighting AI With AI’: Bots Are Breaking the Hiring Process - Lindsay Ellis

🚀 Space

A planet for Fomalhaut? And three ancient stars from another galaxy orbit our own - Philip Plait

🎒 Everything Else

Generative A.I. for Writers: An Unfolding (but not Inevitable) Nightmare! - Chuck Wendig

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Childish Gambino - To Be Hunted