Reading Log - June 10, 2024 (#80)

Lots to look at this week. Some of the new CSS and HTML functionality, design system, trouble for Hubble, and more.

🌐 Web Development

Using the Popover API for HTML Tooltips - Chris Coyier

Old Dogs, new CSS Tricks - Max Böck

Fine-tuning Text Inputs - Garrett Dimon

“Just” One Line - Jim Nielsen

💻 General Development

VS Code's new minimap section headers - Stefan Judis

🎨 Design

Don’t Put Crap in the Design System - Brad Frost

Interdisciplinary Website Maker - Jim Nielsen

The art of design system recipes - Brad Frost

Different Gets Ignored - Luke Wroblewski

🚀 Space

The Hubble Space Telescope has lost a majority of its gyroscopes - Eric Berger

China will be the first to retrieve soil samples from the far side of the Moon - Justine Calma

🌎 Climate Change

It’s getting cheaper to filter carbon dioxide out of the air - Justine Calma

🎮 Gaming

Here’s our first look at the new Perfect Dark game - Tom Warren

You Don’t Own The Video Games You’ve Bought: The Death Edition - Timothy Geigner

📈 Business & Finance

Some company heads hoped return-to-office mandates would make people quit, survey says - Scharon Harding

What’s all the buzz about decaf coffee? - Kai Ryssdal & Sarah Leeson

⚾️ Sports

How The Fix Gets In - Ray Ratto

🎧 Podcasts

Coffee & Open Source: Phil Haack

Shop Talk Show: Blocks, Components, Linting Images, Engines, and “Web Integrity”

.NET Rocks: Modular Monoliths with Layla Porter

Techdirt Podcast: The Importance Of Section 230 For Online Communities

JS Party: 11ty goes fully independent

📺 Media & Entertainment

Star Trek: Discovery tore itself apart for the good of Star Trek’s future - Dylan Roth

🎵 A Song to Leave You With

Dan Campbell - Kings of Halloween