Reading Log - July 8, 2024 (#83)

Another light week. This week we look at some news from Mastodon as well as an in-depth look at the Titan submersible disaster.

🌐 Web Development

A primer on JavaScript Proxies - Chris Ferdinandi

What is Motion Sensitivity? How to Design Accessible Web Animations - Elizabeth Meshioye

The deskilling of web dev is harming the product but, more importantly, it’s damaging our health – this is why burnout happens - Baldur Bjarnason

πŸ“‘ The Internet

Highlighting journalism on Mastodon - Eugen Rochko

πŸ”Œ Technology

The Titan Submersible Disaster Shocked the World. The Exclusive Inside Story Is More Disturbing Than Anyone Imagined - Mark Harris

🎡 A Song to Leave You With

Mercy Union - Basements