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Some Thoughts on the Halo TV Series

This past weekend I binged the second season of Halo. I had seen the first season a while back when it first came out, and now that season 2 was out, I opted to re-watch season 1 and then started season 2. I have thoughts.

Finishing a Game and then Sadness...

Ever finish a video game and be sad that it's over? Ever finish a video game and be sad there's no more story?

Reading Log - April 14, 2023 (#26)

This week a lot of details were announced about .NET 8 and C# 12. Also included is NPR leaving Twitter, Uber screwing drivers, and the power of libraries.

Reading Log - December 2, 2022 (#8)

Another quiet week. Artemis I is continuing to send back amazing pictures. LastPass had a bad week. And there's some cool CSS stuff.

Reading List for August 20 - September 2

Was a little busy last week so this week is a little longer.