What I Use

Last Updated: June 2020


Daily Driver

I have a 2015 15" MacBook Pro and love it. It's my primary machine where I do most of my development and other work. Given the complaints I've heard about the new ones, I'm going to hold onto this as long as possible and hope that Apple smooths things out in later generations. I have it connected to a Samsung 34" Ultrawide Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) which I absolutely love.

Gaming PC

I built myself a custom desktop for gaming. It has a Intel Core i7 CPU with 16GB RAM as well as a GTX 1060 graphics card that I got before the Bitcoin craze. It runs every game I've thrown at it.

Mobile Devices

I'm currently using an iPhone 8. I liked the idea of the iPhone X but at the end of the day, I couldn't justify its $1,000 price tag. The 8 runs great though so I can't complain at all about my decision.

After my Apple Watch Series 2 screen broke, I opted to get the Series 5. It has everything the Series 2 has and a better screen. Sometimes I feel like I'm a little too "connected" using it, but I've turned off a good deal of the notifications to keep things calmer. It's great for tracking my runs as well.

My tablet is a the 6th generation iPad. I wanted a tablet to read the news and whatnot, and this does the trick. It's also the first normal iPad to be compatible with the Apple Pencil so I'm excited to try that at some point as well.

While the iPad does a good job for reading the news, I love my Kindle Paper White for reading books and long pieces. The screen is easy on the eyes, good in the sun, and in darker rooms.


My main camera is a Canon 60D. For a prosumer camera model, it takes great shots. I love taking it out and capturing the world. I have the following lenses for it:

  • Tamron Lens
  • Canon Telephoto
  • Canon Wide Angle
  • Canon Kit Lens

I also have a Canon G1X for when I don't want to lug around my big DSLR. It's not quite compact enough that I can stick it in my pocket, but it's still a little easier to pack and carry around.

I have 2 GoPro Hero 3's that I occasionally use to record my hockey games when I'm in net. It helps me see where I need to improve.

Software and Services

I'm not going to bother to list everything since there's so much, but here's a basic run down.

  • Web Browsing: I've moved back to Firefox. The new version is super fast, and their commitment to privacy is important to me.
  • Email: I use Fastmail with a custom domain as my primary email. I use Thunderbird on Windows 10 and Linux, and the standard Mail app on MacOS and iOS.
  • Productivity: I use Bear as my primary note taker. It's unfortunately MacOS and iOS only, so it's not universal like other options, but it's simple, lightweight, supports markdown, and does the job well. I use Things to keep track of my tasks and projects.
  • RSS: I use Feedly to subscribe to my RSS feeds. On iOS, I use Reeder to read them.
  • Development: I do most of my at-home development in Visual Studio Code. I also use Sequel Pro to manage my MySQL databases. For when I need to do PHP development, I use MAMP Pro to create local instances for the projects.
  • Photo Editing: I subscribe to the Adobe Photography Creative Cloud package. It includes Lightroom and Photoshop which are perfect for managing and editing my photos.
  • Gym: I use paper and pencil, copied to an Excel spreadsheet to track my progress.
  • Runs: I use my Apple Watch and the built in Workouts app to track my runs.

Video Games & Entertainment

I own quite a number of systems across the different generations, but primarily use my PC, PS4, and XBOX One for gaming.

For streaming Netflix, NHL.TV and the other services, I have a 3rd Gen Apple TV.


For better or for worse, I ended up going with the Google Home and Google Home Mini for my personal assistants. That said, I don't really use them much past streaming music, so I'm not sure it's really much different than the Amazon Echo for my uses.