Posts in 2021

November Check-In

November was a rather quiet month all things considered.

October Check-In

October felt like it was a busy month. It seemed that we had plans every weekend and were always on the move. It wasn't necessarily a bad busy, but it probably foreshadows the upcoming holiday season.

Think Again Review

Back in September, I finished reading Think Again by Adam Grant. It's a fantastic book that made me think about how I form my thoughts and opinions, and how I go about possibly re-forming them as evidence changes.

September Check-In

September seemed to fly by pretty quickly, but it was definitely a good month. I enjoyed a week away on vacation and felt like I got a lot accomplished.

On Software Subscriptions

One of the things that has started to bug me of late is that it's getting harder and harder to simply "buy" software. I mean we've always been at the mercy of companies with their license agreements and sometimes DRM, but now it's starting to feel even worse.

Halfway Through 2021

I can't believe how fast we've gotten through the first half of 2021. It feels like despite the slow start, the year has just flown by. I figured I'd take a look back and see how I'm doing with what I've been doing this year, and how I've been faring with what I was hoping to focus on this year.

Refactoring Loops

Ever feel like you can never completely get started with a project? That's sometimes how it feels with the fitness tracking app I'm building.

Switching Platforms

I've been using Jekyll to run this blog for the better part of the last six years. But recently, I've been giving serious consideration to switching to Gatsby or Next.js.

Three Months Down in 2021

I still can't believe it's already April, it really seems like it was just New Year's yesterday. Alas, I figured I'd check in with how I'm doing with my goals.

On New Stadiums

I'm currently reading Field of Schemes by Neil Demause & Joanna Cagan. It talks about how sports team owners manage to screw the public out of money to pay for their new stadiums and arenas. In one of the later chapters, I found a quote that I think sums up how absurd it is that we are the ones paying for their stadiums.

Two Months Down in 2021

I can't quite decide if this year is flying by...or dragging on...and on...and on.

Some Small Site Updates

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I've made some small improvements to my site. None of them are particularly huge, but I like the end result.

Unit Testing with MSW

A little while back, I started a new project. I have been using spreadsheets to track a lot of my fitness goals. This approach generally works, but I thought it would be easier if I had an app for that. So I did what any self-respecting fitness enthusiast developer would do...make one myself! But with that, also come unit tests.

Tweaking My Lifting Routine

Looking back at the last two months, I've noticed I've done a pretty good job of hitting the weights 5-6 days a week. Because of this, I decided I'd tweak my routine a little bit to help jumpstart some gains.

A New President

Joseph R. Biden took the oath of office today at noon and became The United States of America's 46th President.

My Typical Weekday

I've seen posts like this going around so I figured I'd share what my typical weekday looks like.

Thoughts on Trump's Failed Insurrection

As I'm sure just about all are aware, yesterday January 6, 2021, A group of Trump supporters stormed and broke into the US Capitol Building. I followed what was going on and it left me angry, upset, and utterly speechless.

Ending the Trainwreck that was 2020

I think it's probably the world's biggest understatement to say that 2020 did not go the way I had envisioned it to go. And yet, the year has now come to a close.