What I Learned: CSS :focus-visible

I’ve been aware of :focus-visible for a little while now, but haven’t really dug into some of its details. I’ve noticed that browsers have their default behavior and I’ve just left them do their thing without adjusting the focus CSS. Of late, I’ve been digging into accessibility a lot more both for work and my own knowledge and have now finally dug more into :focus-visible.

AI Enters the Job Screening Game

I was recently listening to the Marketplace podcast and they had an article about those annoying pre-employment personality screening some companies put their candidates through. Now Artificial Intelligence is getting involved. Hoo boy I have thoughts.

What I Learned: Integration Testing Blazor Apps with bUnit

I wrote last month about unit testing in Blazor with bUnit. What I didn’t think of at the time was whether bUnit and the same methodology could be used for integration tests as well. Turns out, it can.

March 2024 Check-In

March was a very quiet month for me. There really wasn’t much of anything to note. I lead a mostly boring life which I do believe is a good thing.

What I Learned: C# Aliases

One of the neat features .NET 8 & C# 12 brought is the ability to alias types.

How I Built a Spoiler Web Component for My Site

Every once in a while I like writing about a video game I’m playing, a movie or TV show I watched. I’m often a little behind things nowadays, but even so, I try to be careful as to not spoil it for anyone reading who might not have watched the latest episode or have gotten that far into the game yet.

Some Thoughts on the Halo TV Series

This past weekend I binged the second season of Halo. I had seen the first season a while back when it first came out, and now that season 2 was out, I opted to re-watch season 1 and then started season 2. I have thoughts.

What I Learned: Blazor Auth with Server Side Pre-Rendering

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been working a lot with Blazor at work and one of the issues I ran into was supporting authentication and user sessions while still supporting server side pre-rendering on certain pages.

Email Is Where It's At

When I started my job at WebstaurantStore back in December of 2020, I was introduced to using Microsoft Teams as the primary method of digital communication. Having used email as the primary method at almost all of my previous jobs, 3 years in, I’m beginning to agree with the sentiment that maybe email is the better option.

What I Learned: Unit Testing Blazor with bUnit

At work, my current project has me using Blazor. Unfortunately that means that my tooling for unit testing the frontend and the UI no longer work for this project. React Testing Library doesn’t work all that well with a Blazor frontend. And by that I mean it just doesn’t work. Enter bUnit.
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