Week Notes for May 19 - 25

Week notes for May 19 through May 25

Finding a New Way to Run

For the last 10+ years, running has been my primary form of cardio exercise, and often my go-to exercise of any type. The last 6-8 months has been a little trying for me with my running.

Week Notes for May 12 - 18

Notes for the week of May 12 through May 18

Frank Turner - Undefeated

I’ve been a fan of Frank Turner since I first heard his album England Keep My Bones back in 2010. He’s an English folk/punk songwriter and his live shows and his albums have thus far been phenomenal. A little over a week ago on May 3rd, Frank Turner released his latest album Undefeated.

April 2024 Check-In

April was a busy month. We celebrated my wife's birthday with a trip to Cape May, spent time with family, and my next hockey season started up.

My Space Sleeve is Complete

Over the course of the last 9+ months, I spent almost 42 hours getting my right arm inked up. The end result is an awesome sleeve featuring an awesome space theme. I love how it turned out.

The Perils of Gamification

I’ve been an Apple Watch user since 2017. I found it convenient for fitness and certain notifications. One thing I’ve been kind of inadvertently working on this year is trying to earn the monthly badges Apple offers. Thinking about it more, I realized that this kind of thing can be sort of nefarious.

What I Learned: CSS :focus-visible

I’ve been aware of :focus-visible for a little while now, but haven’t really dug into some of its details. I’ve noticed that browsers have their default behavior and I’ve just left them do their thing without adjusting the focus CSS. Of late, I’ve been digging into accessibility a lot more both for work and my own knowledge and have now finally dug more into :focus-visible.

AI Enters the Job Screening Game

I was recently listening to the Marketplace podcast and they had an article about those annoying pre-employment personality screening some companies put their candidates through. Now Artificial Intelligence is getting involved. Hoo boy I have thoughts.

What I Learned: Integration Testing Blazor Apps with bUnit

I wrote last month about unit testing in Blazor with bUnit. What I didn’t think of at the time was whether bUnit and the same methodology could be used for integration tests as well. Turns out, it can.
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