January 2024 Check-In

January was a pretty lousy month for me. I started the month having to say goodbye to my cat, Cookie. And to be honest, the sting of that continued on for the rest of the month.

One Month with Eleventy

I’ve now been using Eleventy for my site for a little over a month and I have to say I’m happy I made the change. I’ve continued writing. I’ve added some features, tweaked some things here and there, almost all has been good. I have run into a few hiccups, mostly of my own making, but highly doubt I’d ever consider going back at this point.

Banning Books is Bullshit

I can’t believe we’re dealing with this bullshit again. States and local municipalities all over the country are banning books from libraries under the guise of “protecting the children”.

How Lock-In Hurts Design

I was reading an article from Cory Doctorow the other day talking about design and lock-in. A lot of what he was talking about spoke to me.

What I Learned: Broccoli & Cauliflower are Cabbages

This year I want to try more things in the kitchen. Try new recipes, new styles, and expand my cooking abilities. At the same time, my wife and I found Good Eats on HBO Max and have been going through and watching it.

Limiting My Side Projects

One of the things I’ve been great at is finding new little side projects to work on. I find a project, start it, think up another project, abandon my current side project to start the next one, only to repeat the process all over again. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly leave me with much to show for it all.

About the Chevron Doctrine

The U.S. Supreme Court looks to be preparing to overturn the Chevron Doctrine and heaven help us all.

What I Learned: More CSS Colors

This past weekend while I was lifting, I was listening to a JS Party podcast episode from April 2023 (yes, I’m that far behind) talking about the new color ranges.

Moonlander Review

Back in mid-November I bought the Moonlander Ergonomic Keyboard from ZSA. I had been giving serious consideration to getting a split keyboard and finally pulled the trigger.

What I Learned: Styling RSS Feeds

I’m a big fan of RSS feeds. I believe that everyone who has a blog or a personal site should have one set up so that others can consume their content. The one downside is that when you open the RSS link in your browser, it renders as XML which can be confusing, especially to those who might not know what RSS or XML is.
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